About me

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia where I lived until early twenties. Photography was my passion since my childhood, and also a main reason for moving to London where I studied and begun working as a photographer.

Since 1995 I worked in London as a freelance photographer focusing on advertising, still life and portraiture. In 2001 I decided to move back to Zagreb, looking for new challenges both as a fine art and an advertising photographer. Over the last 25 years I worked on numerous personal projects as well as developed diverse commercial portfolio. Most of my clients come from advertising background and therefore I had a chance to work with some great designers and art directors, working as a part of a team and creating various campaigns.

With my extensive team of associates I can provide everything needed for a great photography ; assistants, stylists, make-up, set builders, transport, plane for aerial photography.

So far I was fortunate to have some great clients ranging from furniture and computer manufacturers to beer breweries and cake shops.

Client list includes Coca Cola, Heineken, Jamnica, Karlovacko, Ozujsko, Lasko, Ledo, Dukat, Podravka, Thomy, Kaiser, Zvjezda, Vegeta, Pepsi, Orbit, Aquarius Records, AmEx, Elle, Chromos, Wustenrot, Garnier, Seat, HP, L’Oreal, PBZ, Casa, Prima, HT mobile, VIP, Gavella, Pliva, Nokia, Uniqa insurance and many other international and local companies.

Personal work has always been a very important aspect of my work, giving me a chance to develop my own style and improve my skills. Over the years I experimented with different photographic techniques and ways of expressing myself through this light-painting medium.